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Rico skirting board

Skirting board with cable channel

Makes possible to install wires not breaking esthetics premises.

Rico Leo skirting board

Premium-grade skirting board

Rico Leo consists of two elements – base plate and masking element.

Royal skirting board

New premium class skirting board

Absolute quality and high functionality combined with simple use.

Group of companies "Rosmat" has been operating in the market of finishing materials since 1998 and produces a wide range of PVC, plastics, metal products and has the largest production capacity of skirting board with soft edges in Russia.

The skirting board is produced on the modern and technically advanced equipment following the highest quality standards.

Housing companies will find any amounts of plastic skirting board of any kind: a skirting board with cable channel, floor skirting board, skirting board with soft edges and others.

For wholesale customers we will always be a reliable supplier with significantly lower prices comparing with the market average.

Chain stores will be surprised by our flexibility, supply efficiency, special packaging with customer logos and barcodes application (the company registered in UNISCAN system).

We will be happy to become a comprehensive supplier of profiles, insulation, chemicals and accessories for your flooring.

Our main principle is to satisfy every client’s wish: logistics, assortment, pricing.

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