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For many years our company offers a wide range of decoration and finishing materials as well as related products: skirting boards, profiles, sills, various floor accessories, professional floor care chemicals, detergents and much more. We use only high quality, proven and environmentally safe materials. Products presented in our Catalogue have high aesthetic characteristics. Skirting boards and sills are always in plain view every day and therefore they should be in harmony with the interior and please the eye. Best prices in town for widest choice of colors and textures make our company a leader of finishing materials market.

In the Catalogue you will find different kinds of skirting board. We offer a wide range of plastic and PVC skirting board like Rico Leo with cable channel, wide skirting board like Rico Capri or Master series and many others. For all types of skirting board there are appropriate accessories – connectors and end stops. During installation a special attention should be paid to internal and external corners of the skirting board - they have to be well-designed and make the room looks finished and nice. To make a really perfect decoration for your home - take care of the details beforehand: all types of skirting board presented in our catalogs come with appropriate color and size accessories. This should make repair easy: even in difficult places like inner and external corners the installation will be quick and perfect.

Most likely you will find floor profile necessary for the decoration works. Pay your attention to floor profiles presented by our company: flexible Rico Flex, special profile for rooms with synthetic covering Rico Carpet, skirting board for game and children rooms. If your house equipped with stairs - You can’t do without anti-slip profile Rico Safe Step. Profiles of Rico series, as well as the skirting board represent best price/quality ratio, proved by experts of finishing materials market.

In addition to skirting board and floor profile our company offers other products as well. Platbands, fillets, decorative borders, tile trims - all these decor elements certainly needed for interior planning. The variety of textures, colors and sizes allows you to implement even the most unusual design ideas.

When choosing floor covering for your home - think about every detail. Laminate and parquet board need special installation and care: special underlays are necessary. Please note that cork underlay is considered to be the most environmentally friendly, but it is not suitable for room with high humidity level. Our consultants will be glad to answer your questions and could recommend materials that are necessary in your case. Experts will select also related products for you: floor glue and repair kits - shading paint markers and wax sticks.

During design and floor installation aluminum sill plates are quite important as well as other accessories. You will never regret if you carefully choose those elements because excellence starts from details.

To make your new renovation please you and your family for many years – it is necessary to care about finishing materials properly. Special care tools are great for walls, floor and skirting board. Our company offers several types of floor care chemicals: all of them tested for quality and do not contain harmful substances.


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