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Floor accessories

Replacing the floor covering during repair works in flat or country house, many people forget that in addition to floor and skirting board, special attention should be paid to specific accessories, designed to make any kind of floor look completed and nice.

Protective mats

Protection of flooring

For protection of any flooring like parquet, laminate, linoleum, carpet, tile etc.

Laminate installation kit

Auxiliary tools

For laminate and parquet board floors installation.

Spacers for laminate

Для контроля зазоров

To control gap between laminate and wall.

Grace sticky tape

Double sided adhesive tape

Could be used for 2 surfaces connection.

Fastening for skirting board

Set of fastenings

For PVC floor skirting boards.

Protection pads

Self-stick protection pads

Protection of any surfaces from scratches and other mechanical damages.

Anti-slip tape

Rico abrasive tape

Effective anti-slip surface for different ways of use.

Door stopper

Protection accessory

To be installed on the floor or wall for protection from scratches or damages.

Wooden Pipe Covers

Decor element

For joints decoration between vertical pipes and wooden floor.

Floor rosettes

For pipe joints decoration

To fit around a pipe, should be clicked and pushed to the floor, hiding joint in the laminate.

During repair works in apartment or in a country house not only materials are very important, but also additional accessories. For example, when laying floor coverings such accessories are no less important than the parquet or laminate. Accessories for the floor - such as protectors, fasteners, door stops, floor rosettes - have not only decorative, but functional purpose. For example, when working with parquet, it is important to remember that wooden materials increase their size under moisture and if the room is dry - on the contrary, began to decrease in size. Temperature and humidity affect the characteristics of laminate: during installation it is important to consider them and not to let the wall after installation prevented laminate shrink and expand. For these purposes there are additional accessories - special spacers and mounting kits.

Almost all premises there are pipes provided by design - and pipes are not necessary decorate the interior. This problem can be solved with rosettes for decoration of joints between floor and the pipes: with such accessories bathroom or kitchen will look much better.

Floor accessories are not only make the process of floor laying faster and easier, but also give a finished look all around the room. Otherwise, even the most expensive flooring will not look as effective as it could. Special door stops will take care of walls and the floor. These and other high-quality and nice looking accessories will last for a long time and every day will please your eyes.


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