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Пороги алюминиевые

Aluminum floor boards

Aluminum floor boards protect joints of floor coverings and give a finished look to the room. The need for such floor sills occurs at the final stage of decoration works, when the floor is ready. Thanks to aluminum floor boards several important problems could be solved: how to connect different flooring (e.g. parquet with carpet or tiles with laminate), to smooth the elevation between the different surfaces, which also may occur due to excessive mechanical loads. If you use aluminum floor sills as overlays over the stages - it will significantly reduce the risk of slip and fall on the stairs.


стыкоперекрывающие алюминиевые пороги
Joints overlap

Designed for jointing of two single-level floor surfaces.

Split level

разноуровневые алюминиевые пороги
Split level aluminum floor boards

Designed for jointing of two floor surfaces on the different levels.


ламинированные пороги со скрытым крепежом
Laminated aluminum floor boards

Laminated aluminum floor boards for joining surfaces by hidden fastening.

Brass made

латунные пороги для напольных покрытий
Brass made floor boards

Have high wear protection and life length. Ideal combination with brass made accessories.

Covers for stairs

алюминиевые пороги на ступени
Cover plates for stairs

Designed for protection of corners and stairs from wearing, damages and prevent skidding.

Profile for ceramic

алюминиевые пороги для кафеля
Sills for ceramic tiles and granite

Designed for decoration and protection of inner and outer tile edges.

Easy self-stick

Самоклеящиеся алюминиевые пороги Easy
Easy self-stick floor boards

A final stage of flooring.

Aluminum sills have a number of advantages comparing with similar products made from other materials. First, they do not corrode, wear-resistant and durable: they could be operated for many years, keeping their nice condition. Second, they do not contain toxic substances, they are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Third, the installation of aluminum sills is easy. Such sills could be easily cut and drilled, securely fastened to the floor by screws. No additional materials are needed.

Variety of aluminum sills colors could surprise even the most demanding designer. Special technology allows to put different drawings over the products including simulation of various sorts of wood. The most common aluminum sills are: gold, silver and bronze.

Another argument in favor of aluminum sills is their low cost. Aluminum processing is simpler and less expensive than processing of other materials, therefore the price of the final product is quite acceptable. Thus, aluminum sills meet the requirements of the person who appreciate quality and reliability, but keep in mind the budget.


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