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Floor care chemicals

Floor covering, as a type of decoration is the most exploited in the house and constantly exposed to various stresses. Therefore, to avoid rapid wear and to keep a perfect look, there are a lot of special floor care products on the market. Regardless of the floor type, whether parquet, laminate, linoleum or any other - you can always find and select means for your specific flooring. There are several types of floor chemicals: for a single use (for example, impregnation, adhesives, sealants) or for continuous use (e.g. detergents).


Laminate joints protection agent

AquaStop grouting for laminate should be used for laminate or parquet board joints protection from moisture.

Rico Protect Click

Sealing gel

Reliable protection of interlocks of laminated and parquet floorings against moisture.

Cold welding

Cold welding for linileum

Cold-curing one-component compound based on urethane rubber.

Rico Strong

Universal glue

Heat-resistant, universal and quick-acting glue for different materials.

Rico Profi

Professional glue

Professional glue for all types of flooring. It does not contain solvents.

Rico Clean


Professional cleaning and disinfection agents.

Use of floor chemicals keeps the original floor covering quality and visual appearance and extends its service period for many years.

To protect the floor from moisture and following swelling there are special means produced like impregnation media or sealers. One of them is «AquaStop» impregnation agent for laminate. It is applied directly to the unprotected lock connection or any other HDF based laminate flooring. Due to its wax base «AquaStop» impregnation agent for laminate not only protects the material from moisture, but also eliminates potential squeaks in the connection zones and provides easy installation of floor covering.

«Rico Protect Click» gel also belongs to sealants, but it is specifically designed for «Click» type of joints. Such type of connection is getting more and more popular among the laminate panels and parquet boards due to simplicity and efficiency of installation. «Rico Protect Click» sealant provides efficient floor protection in rooms with high humidity (e.g. kitchen or bathroom).

Of course, among the floor chemistry there are a lot of tools to help the floor covering installation. Cold welding for linoleum, as its name says, is ideal for laying PVC floors. With the help of cold welding tube it is easy to connect two linoleum paintings. Cold welding could be easily squeezed into the joint between two linoleum sheets and holds them together.

«Rico Strong» and «Rico Profi» adhesives are more universal means designed for interior decoration and for any types of coatings installation over concrete, brick or wood surfaces. Unlike «Rico Strong», «Rico Profi» floor adhesive could be used not only in dry but also in wet rooms. Due to its stronger properties «Rico Profi» allows to glue floor covering to moisture absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

But the most common type of floor chemistry is different floor care detergents. «Rico Clean» series represented by a wide range of products, where you may find means for any kind of floor covering and for any application method. Using «Rico Clean» in-house cleaning becomes not only effective dealing with all types of pollution, but also very safe, as those means does not contain harmful or aggressive substances like chlorine or phosphates.

All tools presented in this section are environmentally safe. They allow keeping your original floor coverings for many, many years.


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