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High skirting board

We recommend our product - high skirting board (wide skirting board) for those who aimed at luxury design for their premises, who appreciate unique style, elegance and grace..


New premium class skirting board

Absolute quality and high functionality combined with simple use.


High skirting board

Wide double sized cable channel

A key feature of high skirting board is the height larger than 75 mm. Wide skirting board is relatively young at the Russian market and appeared as a response to a designers who are looking for unusual accessories, new ideas and originality. A trend to use high skirting board came from countries dictating fashion in interior: Italy, Great Britain and France - wide baseboards are the most popular there.

After appearance in Russia, share of high skirting board sales grows quickly comparing to others at the Russian market - now it is already 15% and tends to increase. More and more people are looking for something special in this product, which give additional charm to floor and wall coverings. Wide skirting board is not just for hiding joints, but also represent fully independent element of decor.

Our product range of high skirting boards represented by two collections: Rico Royal and Master.

Rico Royal - a skirting board of premium class, height is 76 mm. Master – is a classic profile height 85 mm. Both collections include close to natural wood colors and equipped with a textured accessories. In addition, another interesting trend currently is being developed, which should give a new grace to the skirting board - gold and silver accessories. More details about colors and textures of Rico Royal and Master could be found in the corresponding site sections.


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