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Royal high skirting board

Royal high skirting board of premium class is not just a functional decoration element that is supposed to mask the electrical conduit and cover the chinks between the floor and the wall. Royal is the high design skirting board that boasts a range variety of colors, offers ideal shapes and is made of high-quality materials.

The Royal skirting board is irreplaceable in decoration of modern office and living quarters of lux class.

Special style
Thanks to the sizes the Royal high skirting board is perfect for spacious interiors of any complexity.

Range of colors
The variety of shades allows underlining the special features of any interior and gives the impression of single whole.

If installed correctly the Royal skirting board will guarantee protection from moisture.

European quality
Soft and high-quality materials guarantee the effect of “adhesion”: the skirting board perfectly borders upon the wall and the floor all along, even in case of surface flaws.

Ideal surface
All the parts of the skirting board match the color of the basic strap which guarantees ideal masking of joints, bracings and corners.

Two-section electrical conduit guarantees enough space for the wire installation.

Advantages of Royal high skirting board

The skirting board consists of two parts. First is a carrying base plate to be fastened to the wall and designed for cable installation. Second one is a masking part which comfortably and securely hides cable channels and provides quick access to them when needed.

Universatility. Skirting board could be combined with any kind of floor covering.

Perfectly fits into design of big premises, where looks aesthetic with high ceilings and emphasizes the majesty of the interior.

Minor violations and functional deformation of surfaces (e.g. decorative walls, technological joints of wall/floor ceramic tiles) are smoothed by soft edges of elastic strips from top and from the bottom.

Physical properties of soft edges are specially selected to keep the original shape even after continuous deformation.

After proper installation Royal skirting board have high water-resistant and waterproofing characteristics. Wall covering is protected from moisture when the skirting board is properly installed.

Accessories for Royal high skirting board

Accessories used during installation of skirting board simplifies the installation, make the decoration completed and provide exactly the same profile in cross-section, which gives a tight fit of the elements, leaving no gaps between skirting board and the element.

Installation of Royal skirting board

  1. Installation of the skirting board should be started from inner corner of the room. The skirting board is fastened to the wall by screws.
  2. Accessories could be easily connected with the skirting board. After installation of skirting board and accessories, strip cover of the cable channel should be clicked over the skirting board.
  3. When the inner corner is completed, installation of the skirting board should be continued along the whole perimeter of the room.
  4. Repeat the same for the outer corner.
  5. First part of skirting board together with accessories should be fastened to the wall by screws.
  6. Click the strip cover of the cable channel in direction to the accessories.
  7. Connectors and end stops should be mounted in the same way where the skirting board ends.



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