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Floor repair kits

Even the most durable floor covering is not protected against minor defects. Sooner or later, the floor or laminate gets scratched, chipped or covered by cracks. Relay the whole floor because of these minor defects is not feasible: it’s time-consuming. To see every day defects on the floor in your house is unpleasant. For such cases there are special means developed for easy and quick removal of those defects from parquet or laminate by yourself. As a result, you will save both time and money, and the smoothness of flooring is the same as if you were recently finished repair works.

wax sticks

Wax for wood

The simplest solution to remove small defects of wood.

Shading paint marker
Grace Prof

Contains no toxic solvents

Able to tone the wooden surfaces leaving a wood structure visible.

Set of Rico multi-function applicators

Set of applicators

To work with silicone, acrylic sealant and grout for ceramic tile.

Floor varnish

Addition to wax sticks

Transparent semi-gloss floor varnish for small repairs of damaged parquet board and laminate.

Quick and easy solution in the fight against defects in parquet and laminate can be wax sticks. They could be easily applied over the damaged area and almost completely integrated with it. Thanks to wax sticks and following polishing cracks in the floor become invisible – and what is important, the defect does not progress: scratches do not go deeper and chips are not increased. Wax sticks represented in eight basic colors, but they could be mixed - and thereby to get dozens of different colors.

Another tool for the flooring restoration is a special shading paint marker. It contains no toxic solvents, and therefore harmless to health. Thin rod marker allows masking even the smallest scratches and scuffs. Shading marker is very simple in use: with minimum efforts the result will not disappoint you. In addition, the cost of the restoration is incomparable to that should be paid for a new flooring or laminate.


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