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Floor profiles

Floor profile is very important element of premises decoration. Such profiles allow to hide joints and gaps between different floor coverings and also between floor and walls, making one single harmonic space. Floor profile is not just a useful element: designers use it for implementation of their imaginative purposes, especially if the designer faced complicated and non-typical task.

Rico Flex

Flexible profile

Made of homogeneous thermoplastic material and can take almost any form.

Rico Safe Step

Anti-slip profile

Make your life and lives of people around safer on slippery and icy surfaces.

Rico Carpet

Skirting board for carpeting

Designed for installation in premises with carpet flooring.

Rico Floor Board

Self-stick Floor Board

Fast and effective decoration of joints between different floor types by making one single space.

Cannelure profile

Cannelure profile with soft edge

This skirting board to be used in premises with strict requirements to cleanliness.

In recent times professionals often use so-called "flowing space" in interior design: there are almost no walls and doors in the room, zoning is provided by different floor coverings. For example, a kitchen area with laminate smoothly flows into the living room combined with dining area decorated with carpet. In this type of space design rounded and soft lines are used - the same requirements applied to the floor profile, which separates one area from another. In this case a flexible profile is recommended: it is made of homogeneous thermoplastic and thereby can get almost any shape.

In order to connect different floor levels a special profile could be applied, which make the transition smooth and almost invisible. In the areas like steps and stairs, where it is easy to slip and fall – anti-slip floor profile made of special material is needed. These profiles certainly must be installed if there are small children or elderly people in the house.

In the areas where the floor is covered with carpet, it is more logical to use a special profile. Due to the special design, a carpet strip could be attached to the profile and the room immediately acquires a finished look.

Whatever goals you may set to yourself starting finishing works in the apartment or private house - a proper selection of decorative elements, including floor profiles, will help to implement almost any purpose or idea.


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