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плинтуса с кабель каналом

Skirting board with cable channel and soft edges

Soft edge of the skirting board with cable channel provides its full contact with walls and floor isolating the joints from dust. It is also recommended to use skirting board with a soft edge in the kitchen and in the bathroom because of its high moisture resistance.

Rico Leo

Premium grade skirting board

A unique product which makes possible to install wires not breaking esthetics of Your premises.

Rico new

On-floor skirting board

On-floor skirting board with cable channel and soft edge.

Grace Light

Plastic skirting board

The skirting board equipped with soft edge for maximal contact with floor and walls .

Multifunctional plastic skirting board for all types of floors.

This skirting board contains cable channel for phone lines, TV antenna, Internet cable, extension cords etc. Because of this there is the possibility to replace the wiring any time without disassembling of the product. Skirting board with cable channel allows installation of power and lighting lines which should not be easily accessible. Thus, the skirting board with cable channel helps to avoid mess of wires and also provide appropriate full length contact with wall and floor.

This kind of skirting board perfectly fits the surface and smoothen roughness so you can hide shrinkage and expansion joints (up to 19mm).

There are external and internal angles, end stops and connectors available for this skirting board. Those accessories produced to hide the roughness of the end sections and to enhance aesthetic functions and make the skirting board looks finished and nice.


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