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Skirting board “Rico Leo”

Premium-grade skirting board “Rico Leo” consists of two elements – base plate and masking element. This type of construction keeps cables along the walls and wall fastenings hidden.

“Rico Leo” is a unique skirting board with possibility to lay the cables without breaking esthetics of premises.

Specifics of “Rico Leo” skirting board is that there is no need to remove it to put the cables. Only masking element should be removed.


Length: 2500 mm
Width: 56 mm
Thickness: 22 mm
Soft edge: 5 mm


  • unlimited possibility to install and remove the skirting board
  • installation is fast and simple without special fastenings
  • high mechanical resistance, 100% moisture resistance, durable wearproof covering
  • simulated wood corners corresponding to skirting board color
  • possibility to replace wires without dismantling the skirting board
  • ideal for laminate, parquet, carpet

Possibility to install additional sockets allows the following:

  • change position of TV, computer or phone
  • to install satellite or cable TV systems

Corner elements

Socket box for Rico Leo skirting board

Skirting board with soft edges is recommended for kitchen or bathroom: high water resistance is provided.

Skirting board with rubber edges is masking floor or wall unevenness. Profile flexibility and design of fittings allows easy installation over any type of wall surfaces with possibility to put wires inside.

The skirting board equipped with integrated cable channel for laying electric communications (phone, TV-antenna, extension cord, etc.) with possibility of re-wiring any time without dismantling the product.

Also this skirting board enables installation of communications that should not be easily accessible (power and lighting cables).

TV-antenna module for Rico Leo

Functional antenna module with connector allows installation of TV cable at any convenient place in your room.

Original design allows installation of module without dismantling the skirting board.

Antenna module is decorated following Rico Leo color range.

The skirting board and wires installation

The skirting board is so popular because simple and fast installation of the whole construction. It could be easily dismantled and then installed back. Why it is important? It is possible You would like to replace wall paper in future, put another cable or to pull up the linoleum.

  1. Skirting board should be fastened directly to the wall by screws with plug
  2. After skirting board installation all fastenings are hidden under masking cable channel cover
  3. Simple access to the cable channel allows hiding any type of wires easily right after skirting board installation

Corner elements installation

Installation of skirting board should be started from inner corners (1). The other corners (3, 4) and connecting elements (2) should be installed simultaneously with the skirting board. Connecting element allows the electrical cable to be installed along the wall or floor. A distinctive feature of "Rico Leo" skirting board is to fit by color with wood texture accessories, which look more aesthetic. The possibility to use a connector as output point for wires is a solution for ergonomic interior.

Installation of Rico Leo box

Installation of Rico Leo box TV-antenna module

Color and surface structure

Specification Rico Leo

Title Pcs in the box / package Weight, kg Size Packing
PVC skirting board 2,5 m 40 14,5    
Internal corner
End stop - pair
500 / 10 2,0    
External corner 500 / 10 2,0    
Mounting box 40 / 1 2,8    
Mounting box in a blister 28 2,8    
TV-antenna module 70 3,0    


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