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Underlay for laminated floor

Laminate is one of the most popular floor coverings. There are good reasons for it: it is nice, practical and durable. But to avoid unpleasant surprises after the floor installation – it is necessary to use a special layer under the laminate. The underlay for laminate - is an intermediate layer between the concrete surface and laminate. Underlay performs several functions: at first, provides a perfect flatness of the surface. Second - creates cushioning and sound insulation, which is especially important for residents of multi-apartment houses: the neighbors below will not complain the loud noise from the corridor. Third, together with polyethylene layer, the underlay protects laminate from moisture which could be contained in the concrete subfloor.

Acoustic Professional

подложка для паркетной доски и ламината
Base sheet for the floor covering

Underlay for parquet board and laminate with unique sound insulation functions.

Fir tree underlay

еловая подложка под ламинат
Fir tree underlay Natural Silent Floor

Made on medium density fibreboard plates base without chemicals addition.

Cork underlay

пробковая подложка под ламинат
Agglomerated pressed cork

Rolled material, traditionally used for flooring.

Underlay for laminate

подложка под ламинат из экструдированного полистирола
Made of polystyrene

Tested and really unique product by price/quality ratio.

Perforated underlay

перфорированная подложка
Made of polystyrene foam

Designed for flooring (laminate, parquet board) with heating.

There are several types of substrates to be laid under the laminate. When installing the floor cover in the rooms pressed cork substrate is often used together with laminate. This material is produced from the bark of the cork oak, it is harmless and has excellent thermal and sound insulating properties. It does not rot and free from mold.

Extruded polystyrene is a unique and perhaps the most modern material for substrates under the laminate. Due to the special design, it is very light, but at the same time durable: if installed correctly it will serve more than 50 years. Important characteristics of extruded polystyrene are environmental friendliness, moisture and chemical resistance.

Fir tree laminate substrate appeared on the market of finishing materials recently, but already got preference among the buyers. Due to the thickness of 4 mm, these substrates for laminate are particularly very strong: they provide reliable protection for the flooring from deformation and provide excellent sound insulation. In addition, fir tree substrate under the laminate is harmless to people health: it could be used even in homes with small children or people with allergies.


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