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Veneer skirting board

Today the skirting board is an important element of the interior decoration works. This detail emphasizes the room design and provide finished look to the floor. Veneer skirting board is getting more and more popular among people who prefer to use natural wood in the interior.

Profile SL 60L

Veneer skirting board made of built-up solid fir-tree wood.

Skirting board to be coated

Ideal combination of flooring and skirting board which is an integral part of the interior.

Veneer skirting board consists of two parts. First is the base board made of simple material like pine tree or fir tree. Second is a front side made of more expensive thin decorative layer of natural wood glued over the base board. Therefore we can achieve a wide range of skirting boards made of natural wood, Including even the rare wood sorts like olive tree or black rosewood, so color or texture for any kind of floor covering can be easily selected. Veneer skirting board also is more affordable due to its softwood base.

Veneer skirting board meet all European quality standards.

To meet requirements of customers we constantly increase a range of veneer skirting board profiles.

Veneer skirting board SL 60L has straight (euro standard) shape, covered with several layers of lacquer and could be fastened to the wall by two ways: using special mounting system, which consists of clips and screws with dowels, or by "liquid nails". SL 60L profile also has a special duct for cables, antennas and other wires.

Most often it is very important to choose right color or texture combination for the interior design, but sometimes it is hard to select skirting board of right color to the flooring. Purchasing veneer skirting board for toning could be a solution. This type of skirting board is the same to ordinary one by methods of fastening and by materials used. Advantage of the skirting board to be coated is easy change of shade to the floor color by such methods as use of professional coloring systems, stain, varnish or coloring oils. Each method has its own peculiarities. For example, professional coloring systems do not dry out during 24 hours and the color could be corrected to achieve the best likeness. And vice versa the stain dries in 15-20 minutes.

In any case, toning the skirting board is an ideal opportunity to use the most daring and experimental design solutions in your room.


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